How to Keep Safe While Attending a Wedding

Attending a wedding is an activity we engage in from time to time. When we get an invite, we try to make out time to honour the couple. There are also many perks of going to a wedding. You will be making the couple’s day while getting to relax and enjoy yourself. However, it is also important that you keep safe while attending the wedding. This is more so, during times when they are pandemics like the Covid-19. Here are some of the ways to keep safe while attending a wedding.

Keep current safety precautions

Getting wed during Corona times and other types of a pandemic can be very challenging. In some cases, there might even be laws against gathering. However, if there is no such law, it is still important to protect yourself either as a couple or guest. During pandemics, there will always be guidelines that are believed to be effective in curbing the spread of the virus. It is important to keep to those laws.

During Corona Virus, for example, social distancing, wearing of face mask and regular washing of hands with running water for at least 20 seconds were recommended. Following such guidelines will go a long way to protect you. For other types of pandemics, other guidelines might be issued. Be aware of the guidelines and follow them religiously. It will go a long way to help you prevent getting whatever disease is trending at that point. It will be bad to go to a wedding healthy and come back sick.

Avoid rowdy places

Avoiding rowdy places is also a great way to keep yourself safe while attending a wedding. Apart from the risk of contracting communicable diseases, there is also the risk of being stampeded among others. Hence, it will be in your best interest to stay away from places that are rowdy to avoid diseases and injuries. You should immediately excuse yourself and find a less rowdy place to stay. If you can’t find a less rowdy place within the vicinity of the wedding, then it will be in your best interest to leave completely.

Take your medications

There are instances where you might be on medications during the period the wedding is scheduled to hold. Be sure that you take your medication correctly and at the right time. If the time you are supposed to take the medication falls during the wedding, you can take it along. If you are asthmatic or have other health conditions, be sure that you take your inhaler or whatever medications you might need along.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t attend a wedding when you know you have a disease you can transfer to others. You should also not attend a wedding when you know that you shouldn’t be in a crowded place because of the nature of your illness. It is not worth it to risk your life because of a wedding. You can always pay the couple later and take your gifts along. Attending a wedding you shouldn’t negatively affect the couple should you die or become seriously ill due to your attendance. The same applies to if you make several people ill as a result of your attendance.

Get vaccines

Most communicable diseases have vaccines. Be sure you are well vaccinated before attending weddings, especially in the event of a new disease such as the Covid-19. There are vaccines currently available for the ailment and taking one before attending a wedding can go a long way to protect you. Getting a vaccination will make it almost impossible for you to get the disease and should you, your chances of survival will be significantly higher.

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