Types of jewellery every women should own

Jewelleries are not only gorgeous to look at but also plays an important role in making the over all look,  better. Gone are those days when we just had to buy jewellery of gold and diamonds. Now a days various jewelleries are made up of different materials like steel, plastic, and even fabric. They’re easily available and are very pocket friendly also. They’re durable enough and can be mixed and matched with different garments.  So here are few ornaments every women should own,


  1. Earrings: Earrings are one of the most essential jewellery a woman should own. Whether it’s a big diamond stud or a simple sleep earring. Without it, the entire look is incomplete. With emerging new trends like tassle earrings, mismatched earrings, chandelier earrings, the options are endless. So it’s very easy to find the perfect fit for the day.
  2. Rings: Whether it’s your wedding ring or birthstone rings, we all like to flaunt that piece of jewellery by making various gestures with our hand. Rings are extremely aesthetic and adds a lot of grace to the look. They are available in various designs and now a days, no two rings are the same. It is easier to carry and looks amazing on long slender fingers.
  3. Pendants: On those days when you don’t want to wear a heavy neck piece and want to keep your look simple and minimalistic, you can wear pendants with chains. It comes in various shapes and sizes but mostly they have beautiful shiny stones embedded on them. Wear a simple pendant with a dress with a plunging neckline and visualize how your entire look changes.
  4. Bracelets: When you are wearing a sleeveless dress or a dress with small sleeves, your wrist tends to look empty and watches always don’t go well with all types of clothes . So in those times bracelets look really fancy. There are different types of bracelets liked beaded bracelets, cuff bracelets, bangle bracelets etc. You can choose them according to what matches with your clothes.
  5. Anklets: Anklets are also known as ankle chains. Although initially they were mostly worn by south asian women but now a days they are worn by many women all across the world. They can be worn on one ankle or sometimes they come in pairs also. Sometimes bells are attached with these anklets to make a beautiful sound when they’re walking. Sometimes it also comes attached with toe rings.
  6. Belly chains: Popularly known as ‘kamarband’ in India, it is now worn globally by many women. It’s the favourite ornament of dancers because it even makes a simple skirt looks gorgeous. It comes with navel ring also and makes the midriff look extremely attractive.

Earlier jewelleries and ornaments were a method of showing a family’s wealth but now it has become an essential wealth in the fashion world. Before going for shopping, keep sufficient knowledge about which material suits you as ornaments sits on your skin and can cause allergic reactions. If such things are kept in mind, ornaments are a wonderful asset.

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